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"Game On" is the documentary about a small American company Tudor Games and its relationship to the origins of NFL Properties.   Chris Berman, Bob Lilly, and many NFL Properties execs tell the story of the greatest football game! (run time: 49:13)   On our YouTube Channel, you'll get "Game On" extras of hours of interviews and MFCA tournament footage for free.  Stay tuned!

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electric football
Game On:  Electric Football

Game On: Electric Football

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Norman Sas

The inventor of electric football, Norman Sas, took over his father's company at the ripe old age of 24.  Tudor Metal Products was a depression-era toy company that produced electric horse race games, walkie-talkies, and budget banks. 


Norman invented the game in 1949 and turned Tudor's fortunes around.  As humble as he was successful, Norman reflected the "good as your handshake" way of business in America at the time.

In the early 1960s, the NFL wanted Norman and electric football to join them. But surprisingly Norman said 'no.'  He was doing very well without the fledgling league.  However, he changed his mind a few years later and electric football became NFL Properties' main revenue source.  accounting for 35% of NFLP revenues. 

Super Bowl

Can't afford to go to the Super Bowl?  Millions of children have owned their own Super Bowl through the years, complete with NFL teams and a miniature stadium.

NFL Properties' first #1 licensee was electric football.  

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